Practice Policies

Mate Street Medical has zero tolerance for verbal or physical aggression. Any patient who is seen to be aggressive will be required to leave the clinic immediately and transfer their medical care to another practice.


Consultations at Mate Street Medical are by appointment and we will make every effort to accommodate your preferred time.
If your appointment is for something other than a standard consult or you feel you need a longer appointment please advise the receptionist upon booking to ensure appropriate time and resources are available.

We are well aware that no one likes to be kept waiting and therefore make conscious effort to run on time. Although we try very hard to adhere to our appointment schedules, problems can arise resulting in our doctors running behind time. In the case that this does happen our reception staff will inform you of an approximate wait time. Please understand this is an estimation only. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to patients when we are running behind time.


Please understand when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time and patients on our waiting list miss the opportunity of an appointment. We ask that you give us at least 2 hours’ notice if you are unable to attend your appointment. Late cancellations will be considered a ‘missed appointment’.

Missed Appointments

For the benefit of all, it is practice policy that, if you fail to attend your scheduled appointment or fail to cancel your appointment without notice there will be a $30 fee for each missed appointment.


Mate Street Medical is a mixed billing clinic. Bulkbilled appointments are available for concession card holders, pensioners, DVA patients and children. Private billing fees apply for all other standard consults.

Fees Payable

Upfront CostMedicare RebateOut of Pocket
Pensioner, DVA & ChildrenBulk Billed…………
Standard Consult$70.00$37.05$32.95
Long Consult$105.00$71.70$33.30

Medicare rebates are put directly into your account at the time of payment. Medicare is responsible for processing this rebate.

Results & Scripts

Mate Street Medical does not give results over the phone, unless previously arranged by your GP. If you return an abnormal result, you will be contacted by one of our practice nurses or the office manager and advised to make a follow up appointment with your GP.

Please note that follow up appointments to discuss RESULTS ONLY with be bulkbilled.

We are unable to take script requests over the phone. Appointments are required for script renewals. Please note that appointments for REPEAT SCRIPT RENEWALS ONLY will be bulkbilled. If you are unable to attend an appointment for a repeat script please contact the clinic. If you are eligible, a repeat script will be provided for a fee of $15.